About Yay!

Yay! is a virtual world where everyone can express themselves exactly as they want. Post about your daily life and interests without the stress to impress, and start building a community in Yay!

Call Rooms
Casually talk with up to 18 people
Casually talk with up to 18 people
See posts in real-time, and post without worrying about what others think
Make posts and interact casually
Create groups to talk about what you like such as anime and game
Create groups that talk about what you love
Yay! Pals


Create a better place for community and get rewards by having Pals
Contribute to community and get reward

Begin a New Experience

Yay! would like to present 2 new features for all users to enjoy.

Yay! Pals
With Pal, let's create a better place for community. Get rewards through your community contributions.
Yay! Genesis
Genesis is the Heart of Yay! ecosystem. Let's create a sustainable ecosystem together.

Yay! Tokenomics

Governance Token
Utility Token

There are two ways to obtain Pal. If you want to get a free Pal, you can get it from the pool. Paid Pals from the marketplace will make you earn more rewards.

*Please see the White Paper for more detailed talknomics.


What are tokens?
Within Yay!, there are 2 types of crypto-currency tokens: "YAY," a governance token, and "EMPL", a utility token. For more information on how to use these tokens, please check out the Pal page on the Yay! Official Website.
How can I use Yay!'s token?
YAY is used for making decisions on the direction of Yay!'s new features and service through voting in the future. EMPL plays the role of currency within Yay!'s app. while holding Pals, you can participate in battles and earn rewards after contributing to Yay!'s community.
Where can I get Pal and Genesis?
Pal can be obtained for free from the app's pool or purchased on the marketplace for a fee. Genesis will be distributed through multiple campaigns on Yay! and X and there is also a possibility of hosting sale events. For the latest information, please check Yay! app announcement or official X posts.
Are there any requirements to obtain Pal and Genesis?
Please wait for the announcement. The announcement will be made on the official X @Yay_Update, @Yay_JP, and Yay! Magazine.
Is there an age restriction to use Pal and Genesis?
Anyone can use them. However, minors must obtain the consent of a legal representative to use the services. For details, please refer to the Yay!'s Terms of Use.
When can Pal and Genesis be used?
Please wait for the announcement of the start date and time. The announcement will be made on the official X @Yay_Update, @Yay_JP, and Yay! Magazine.

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