Enjoy with Pals in Yay!

In the virtual world Yay!, you can earn rewards by simply interacting
with your friends daily and enjoying Yay! by owning Pals.

How to play

Choose a Pal

Get Pal eggs from the in-app pool or the marketplace. Look forward to meeting Pals in various kinds!

Hatch your egg

Pals are born according to their attributes. Every new born Pal is different, just like humans.

Join battles with your Pal and get EMPL

When you contribute to the Yay! community, you will be able to join battles. By joining battles,
you can get EMPL.

Raise your Pal with EMPL

Pals love EMPL. Give your Pal EMPL and help it grow. The stronger your Pal becomes, the more rewards you will receive for battles.

Level up your Pal

Level up and evolve your Pal.
Depending on the levels, the appearance and strength of Pals will change.

Strategize battles using items

By equipping your Pal with various items, you can increase your chance of winning battles.

Pal life span

Pal has life span just like humans. Within its life, enjoy the time with your Pal. Once your Pal leaves us ...

As one journey ends, another begins

For all human and Pal encounters, there are farewells. Let's be thankful for all the experiences of your journey, and start taking on the next challenge.

How to get a Pal

You can get a Pal from the in-app pool or from the marketplace.

For more details, please see the White Paper.


What are the benefits of owning Pal?
By having Pals, you can earn rewards in the form of EMPL. These rewards are given after you contribute to the Yay! community and join Pal battles, and they can be used in-app towards raising your Pal, or they can be exchanged for fiat or crypto-currency.
Can Pal be transferred to others?
Yes, you can send Pals that you have purchased to other users, or you can sell them on the marketplace.
Are Pals NFTs?
Yes, Pals are NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are digital assets with specified owners, recorded on a network called blockchain. They are verified as one-of-a-kind, non-reproducible assets of digital content, such as music, video game items, and more. For more information, please see the article "NFTs for Beginners: What Are NFTs?" on our web3 Guide.
What is the gas fee when buying Pal?
Gas fees are fees for conducting transactions on the blockchain, which are necessary to process the transaction. Pal is issued on the Arbitrum network, which keeps the transaction gas fees low.
What is the difference between Pal and Genesis?
Pal and Genesis are two different types of NFTs. Pal allows users to get rewards by contributing to the Yay! community and battling other Pals, while Genesis is an NFT that allows holders to mint Pals. By having a Genesis, users can directly play a role in controlling the supply of Pals.
How much does Pal cost?
The price of Pal fluctuates based on market supply and demand. When purchasing a Pal from the marketplace, the transaction is conducted according to the price set by other users. It can be acquired for free from the pool, but the rewards are lower in that case.
Are there indicators of Pal's strength or profitability?
The ease of earning is correlated to the probability of winning battles, the number of Pals owned, and rarity. There are different types of Pals, and their strengths change depending on compatibilities with opponents in battles. By using EMPL, the level of your Pals can be increased. The higher the level of a Pal gets, the more maximum rewards you can earn through the battles.
Does EMPL have utility beyond Pal-related activities?
EMPL utility for Gifting and Circle feature will be developed in the future.
Can EMPL be purchased outside of Yay! and brought into the app?
Yes, EMPL is pooled in Uniswap, so EMPL can be purchased and brought into the app.
Why does the ecosystem thrive even when users can obtain Pal for free?
Every time Genesis mints a Pal, they pay with ETH. ETH will be stored in our treasury and used to sustain the tokenomics. For more details, please refer to the White Paper.
What payment methods are available?
You can purchase Pal using ETH on Arbitrum, and credit cards.

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