Welcome to Yay! SocialFi


Welcome to the Yay!'s ecosystem

Genesis plays the center role for Yay!'s ecosystem by providing Pal liquidity.
Let's make the community thrive
and create a real SocialFi
with a sustainable economy together.


Genesis allows holders to mint Pal using ETH at regular intervals. Minted Pal can be sold on the marketplace at an appropriate price or supplied to the pool.

*Please see the White Paper for more detailed talknomics.

Manage your Genesis sales with the Dashboard

There is a dedicated dashboard for Genesis holders. The Dashboard allows you to manage everything from minting Pals, listing status, and check your total sales.


Testnet launch
Commence introduction to Genesis minting
IEO and token issuance
Listing of EMPL
Service integration
Launch Staking feature
Expansion of crypto-currency exchanges that handles the tokens
Multi-chain support

* The order may change depending on market conditions.

* For a more detailed roadmap, please refer to the White Paper.


What is the difference in expectation for the marketplace and the pool?
In the marketplace model, Genesis holders can determine the price, which allows for high expected values depending on the selling amount, but there is a risk of not being able to sell. In the pool model, the expected value is limited because the rewards are determined over a 120-day period and is formula-based, although it depends on the APY. On the other hand, unlike the marketplace model, it is risk-free.
What happens if I cannot sell Pals on the marketplace?
Unsold Pals will not generate any profit. However, Genesis holders can hedge the risk by supplying Pals to the pool, and acquire YAY as a reward.
Why does a Pal have its life span?
Common issues with GameFi are the following situations: 1. oversupply of NFTs which causes a price collapse, 2. reduced demand for NFTs, and 3. disrupted token supply-demand balance in its tokenomics. In order to avoid this situation, a Pal has its life span. By setting a fixed life span for Pals, users will acquire rewards in a short period of time, and the supply and demand will be continuously stimulated not only for the new holder but also the Pal holders. Since it is designed to increase demand for Pals, tokens will be continuously issued, used, and balanced for the supply and demand. By doing so, this will create a sustainable economy."
Is there a limit for minting Pals?
There is no limit for minting Pals; as long as the Yay! platform exists, you can mint an unlimited number of Pal's in the future. Although there is a certain cooldown time after each mint.
How should I determine Pal's selling price?
Please check the market price and set the price close to the floor price if you want to sell immediately, and set the price slightly higher if not. Pal eggs come in different rarities and types, and each has a different floor price.
Can I use the Pal that I minted by myself?
Yes, Genesis holders can use their own minted pal to contribute to the community in Yay!
Can I sell my minted Pal outside of Yay!’s marketplace?
Yes, it is possible to sell on other NFT marketplaces. However, liquidity is designed to be concentrated on the marketplace of Yay!
Is there staking in YAY?
Yes, there is a plan to implement YAY staking funded by Ecosystem Allocation. The staking volume and lockup period will determine the staking rewards. So that the more YAY staked and locked up over a longer period of time, the greater the rewards earned.

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